Manufacturers and suppliers of quality Leatherwork, bespoke shoes, and supplies for re-enactment, museums and TV/film.
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Foxblade Trading is the trading name of Tod Booth. I am a qualified shoemaker and mechanical engineer. By putting these skills together, along with my historical knowledge I produce historically accurate accessories that are used by re-enactors world wide. I carry out displays and give talks on shoemaking and leatherwork through out history, as well as carrying out detailed research. I do my best to work from original examples or contemporary illustrations. I can also work to your designs.
As well as the range of items in this price list I specialise in making the unusual, I make what the customer wants at a reasonable cost. Unless otherwise stated all my work is completely hand made, I do not use machines for cutting, stitching or assembly. I have over 20 years experience as a leatherworker and studied and qualified as a shoemaker at Tresham Institute.
Additionally I manufacture turned wood items, small knives, LARP items. I can also supply 17th and 18th century costume.

Note that the examples below are only a small selection of the items I make, and I'm a lot better at making leatherwork than I am at building web sites.


Boots and shoes
For my stock range of boots and shoes or look at my boot and shoe web site


Bespoke fully hand made, hand sewn range.

All my shoes are based on archaeological finds, existing examples or contemporary illustrations. I need to measure your feet in order to get a good fit. Please ask for details.

Latchet and soldiers shoes 17th and 18th century £140

Hobnails for heels only £10/pair


18th century buckle shoes (buckles extra) £140

Hobnails for heels only £10/pair


Highland brogues £50

For off the peg shoes and boots at premium prices visit my sister site

Water bottles
All drinking vessels are pine pitch proofed. Black brewers pitch or beeswax proofed can also be supplied on request. All bottles come with a leather thong to hang over your shoulder and a wooded stopper.
Small onion shape approx. ¾ pint £40
Medium onion shape approx. 1 ¼ pint £55


Flat bottom onion shape approx. 2 pints £75
Tall flat bottom shape approx. 1 ½ pints £65


Costrel approx 2 ¼ pints £75
Other shapes and sizes can be supplied on request I can also add a design to the side of the bottle.

Tankards and leather cups
See above for details.
Leather cup approx. ½ pint £40
Leather cup approx. 1 pint £50
Leather tankard approx. 1 pint £65

Sword belts/baldrics
These are supplied with brass buckles if you have your own buckles you want me to use please let me know.
No buckle Littlecote style £28


1 ¼” ~ 2 ½” wide 4 buckles at scabbard end £32 ~ £45
1 ¼” ~ 2 ½” wide 6 buckles at scabbard end £40 ~ £50
18th century sword (waist) belt £30 (for buff leather see 18th century soldiers leatherwork).
All sword belts can be supplied with an added design. Other types of sword belts made on request.

All scabbards are made to fit your sword, dagger, or knife. I need a drawing and details of the size of the blade, and the type of sword belt you have.

Knife scabbard £15
Dagger/dirk scabbard up to 18” long £20
Sword scabbard up to 36” long £25 ~ £30

Over 36" please ask for a quote.
All scabbards can be supplied with an added design.

Highland targes
These are made of wood, covered on the back with rough hide. They are fitted with an arm strap, arm pad, hand hold and carrying strap.
Standard targe £80



Targe with special nail design £100
Targe with basic embossed front and nail design £135
Targe with special embossed front and nail design £175


Leather buckler £80

Cartridge bags
Contemporary designs, please ask if the one you want is not listed, designs can be added to the front flap.
French D shape 18th century £60


Dutch late 17th early 18th century £70
17th century £70


18th century belly boxes £40 ~ £80

18th century British army leatherwork
Straps and belts are made of thick buff leather. Brass buckles.
Officers sword belt frog for sword only £35
Sword belt frog for bayonet and sword £40

Cartridge bag, black bag, with inner bag. 3 buckles £120

Goat skin snap sack £40
Gun sling £15

18th century Irish Piquet’s leather work
Straps for the cartridge bag are made of thick buff leather. Brass buckles
Oxblood, light brown or black cartridge bag £80
Leather powder bottle £55
Leather priming bottle £40

Sword belt veg tan leather £35

There are two main types of design, please ask for details. Design can be added to the front flap.
Gusset type £38
Gusset 3 pouch type £50
Draw string type £40
Draw string 3 pouch type £50

There are hundreds of different designs and sizes. These are only a few designs, if you know what would like and it’s not here please ask.
Small various designs from £25
Large various designs from £30
Double pouch £35
Medieval single kidney type £25
Medieval three pouch kidney type £55
Designs can be added to the front flap.

Other items
Charge holder for artillery £45
Map/document case 18” long £60
17th century leather snap sack £40
Medieval archers bracer double strap £18
Medieval archers bracer single strap £12
Belts from £12
Needle case £20
Bandolier strap with pouch £25
Embossed wrist band £10
Leather masks various and interesting designs from £12
Leather covered chests from £75

Leather buckets from £120


Portmanteau from £75

Leather guns bags from £60


If you don't see what you want please ask, above is only a small sample of what I have done.

From £12 - £15

Brass buckles
Pictures of buckles coming soon.
Shoe buckles £15/pair if purchased with shoes. £30 as a separate set.


Pewter Buttons

Pictures of buttons coming soon.

Please note postage and packing is not included in these prices. All cheques must be made payable to D P Booth. I can also take Paypal payments.


Lace Wars - Mid 18th century re-enactment. Specialising in the period 1730 -1760 and in particular the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion

Rose and Thistle (RaT) Mid 18th century re-enactment, a member group of Lace Wars that specialises in portraying Jacobites (Col John Roy Stewart's Edinburgh Regt) and other 18th century personas.

Armet. Early 16th century re-enactment


Foxblade Trading and re-enactment shoes is owned by D P Booth,  91 Bushy Close, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6PX

All designs on this page are the property of Tod Booth/Foxblade Trading and may not be reproduced without prior permission.